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How Armor Paint Company Works With You From Start To Finish.

It Is Good Knowing What The Process Will Be Like Before Calling

It is odd, for some reason contractors do not let you know the process of working with them. It is strange, what is the point of keeping a secret?

In this post, we will let you know what it is like to work with Armor Paint Company in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and surrounding areas.

10 Steps We Will Go Through Together

10?! We know it may seem like a lot. We want to detail this process so you know there is no mystery when it comes to working with us.

1. Contact us by phone, email or our website

  • We will get back to you the same day, if you submit your request after 5Pm then we will contact you the following day.

2. We'll reach back out

  • This is where we will ask about the project, time frame, reasons behind wanting to get this project done, have you done a project like this before, and other important questions.

  • We'll ask for photos or videos of the project and gather any additional contact information.

  • We may ask you to go over our website and blog posts relating to your project. We will also go over some pricing to see if we are the right fit for you and if we are capable to do the job for you.

3. Schedule On-Site Consulation

  • You will receive a video introducing you to the owner and information about our painting process for your project.

  • Your estimator will meet with you, review the project and confirm the pricing that was given over the phone.

  • If you accept the estimate, we ask for a 50% deposit to secure a spot on our schedule.

4. Welcome Video

  • Once the deposit comes through, you will get a video welcoming you to the Armor Paint Company Family. Within a week, you'll get another one with a tentative scheduling date.

  • Two things that can move the tentative date are rain, and other clients ahead of you in the schedule add more work.

5. You will get an email, text or phone call the Wednesday before we start with a possible start day and time

  • Please let us know if this day and time work for you

  • You will also get a list of things to do to prepare for us painting

6. We begin transforming your home
  • Our crew shows up at the agreed-upon start date and time

  • The project manager will do a pre-job walkthrough

  • The painters will set a plan for the day and plot out the rest of the week

  • Depending on the size of your home the preparation can take 1-4 days on average. The painting can take from 2-6 days on average

  • You'll get daily updates and be told about anything that comes up unexpectedly

  • (Exterior Painting) if we get rained out, then we will be back the next day to start right back up.

  • Your project manager will keep in touch about when they'll finish your project and what's a good time to do a final walkthrough.

7. Walkthrough
  • This is where you can point out anything that needs touching up and ask any questions.

8. Take care of any touch-ups

9. Collect final payment
  • We'd love if you leave us a review (we can send you a link) so you can share your experience with other home owners near you

10. Follow up call
  • You will get a call from us once your home looks great again (we want to make sure you're happy)

  • We may ask about leaving a review again and resend the link

Two that can move the tentative date are rain, and other clients ahead of you in the schedule add more work.

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