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When You Should Paint The Exterior Of Your House In Austin

Updated: Apr 5

The Best Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your House

The best time to paint the exterior of your house in Austin would be between May and October. The humidity (especially in Austin) is just right, the temperature and other conditions are much better for paint curing.

This is often a very popular time and contractors get booked quickly. We would recommend planning during the Wintertime.

The Best Temperature To Paint Your Home Exterior

This is a tough one to judge but according to all the research we've done the best temperature is 72 degrees. With the Texas Sun beaming, a slight breeze and low humidity will make everything perfect. Most Paint manufacturers state the best temperature for their product to be applied is between 55 and 95 degrees.

When To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home After Rain

You would normally want to wait after it rains about 4 hours or longer but this is with the ideal climate and a good amount of sunlight. It depends if your house has direct sunlight, how humid it is, and if it is windy.

While the house is drying, prep work can be done such as caulking, masking, and wood repair.

At Armor Paint Company, we check the weather reports leading up to the project to ensure we will not run into any rain. Of course, it happens and we allow a full day for the rain to dry before applying paint.

When Will My Paint Be Rainproof

The longer you want, the better. When paint gets wet again, it is not a good look. Once it dries you will see marks that look like running paint, THE RAINDROPS SHOW!

Your exterior paint should be able to handle light rain 4-6 hours after application. This all depends on the weather conditions before raining of course. High humidity, dark colors, and low temperatures can slow this drying process.

One of the biggest issues with the drying of the exterior is the dew point. This is the point where moisture will show on the surface of the house (just like the grass). You will want the outside temperature to be at least 7 degrees higher above the dew point. This will allow you to not have a wet surface when painting.

Just to make things easier, the longer you wait the better.

Ready To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home In Austin?

Armor Paint Company is ready to paint the exterior of your home in Austin, Round Rock and surrounding areas. We have the tools and experience necessary to get this done for you.

Hopefully this blog helps you make your decisions on when to paint the exterior of your home.

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