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Cabinet Painting Prices In Austin | Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Mar 31

Your Kitchen Is Where Everyone Gathers, So Make Sure Your Kitchen Cabinets Stand Out.

This Would Be The Cost To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets In Austin

Finding out the cost of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets is very important, good thing you came here to find out.

The Cost To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to pricing cabinets, we go based on the number of openings the cabinets have. An opening means a door or drawer that opens. Kitchens vary in size and the number of openings varies but here are some pricing options for you.

The cost to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets ranges from $2,500-$5,400+. This cost includes the removal of all doors/drawers, a coat of oil-based primer, and then two coats of cabinet paint. This also includes the Armor Paint Company Team of Painters doing the job for you. Of course, the cost varies depending on size, any repairs, and if they're multiple colors.

  • >20 Openings start at base price of $2,500

  • 21-30 Openings range between $2,800-$3,800 (most common)

  • 31-40 Openings range between $4,000-$5,200

  • 41+ Openings start from $5,400 and up

With our pricing we average around $125 per Opening.

We do have minimums which would be no less than 20 Openings.

Factors That Effect The Cost To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Openings: This is one of the main factors for the cost of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets. Most Kitchens are around 21-30 openings, you can add on bathroom cabinets as well with the same pricing.

Repairs: Cabinets get dinged up, they’re touched more often than the rest of the house so repairs are expected. Most of your repairs would be wood filling as at times you ding the pots against the cabinets by accident

Two-Tone Colors: This is one of the NEWEST trends! You see it in magazines and all the HGTV shows, everyone wants a light color on top and lower color on the bottom. Personally, we like it!

Hardware Installation: If you have existing hardware and you don’t need any new holes drilled then your price won't be affected. If you need to have hardware added, new holes drilled then this will be a factor in pricing.

Hardware is recommended.

Paint For Thought

When Painting Cabinets, it is best to be sprayed with our spray guns. This allows for a smooth, factory-like finish. This is a good question you need to ask your paint contractor before they begin working. You can tell the difference when a paint roller is used compared to a paint sprayer.

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