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How Often You Should Paint Areas of Your Home | Austin

Updated: Mar 23

This Is Our Recommendation on How Often You Should Paint Areas of Your Home in Austin to Keep It Beautiful.

Your House is a HUGE investment and the place where your family gathers. So it would make sense to keep your home beautiful.

In this post, you can find out how long it normally takes for an area in your home to need painting. We will also go over some main reasons the time ranges vary.

How long has it been?!

You may be sitting there looking at your home, wondering how long it has been since your home has been painted. It is one of those questions we get often..so let us get into it!

How Often You Should Paint Your Home

  • Ceilings are every 10 years or so

  • Trim, doors, and baseboards are about every 3 years

  • Hallways, depending on the amount of traffic are every 2 to 4 years

  • Bathrooms are every 3 to 4 years

  • Living Rooms are every 5 to 7 years

  • Dining Rooms every 5 to 7 years

  • Kitchens are every 3 to 4 years

  • The exterior is every 5 to 10 years, this depends on how much weather the home goes through. In Texas, it is closer to 5 years.

What Causes Your Home To Be Painted Often

Quality of Paint and Primer: The right paint and primer can extend the years of paint in or on your home. Choosing the right products to ensure long-lasting paint is a key factor when hiring the right painting contractor. Primer allows the paint to bond well with the paint, so the better/stronger the primer the longer the paint stays fresh.

How good the Paint Job is: Painters who produce quality work can create long-lasting finishes. This is why there should not be any shortcuts taken because you will end up having to paint your home sooner than expected.

How often you have visitors: This one is HUGE when it comes to how often you should paint your home. The more visitors/traffic you have in your home, the more you are to get scuff marks, children hitting the walls (from personal experience), and much more.

The Area: How often you need to paint depends on the room. This correlates to how often you have visitors due to the wear and tear the room takes. The ceilings don't need to be painted so often, well because not many people are walking on the walls. Areas like Bathrooms and Kitchens tend to see the most traffic, this is why you should paint it sooner than later.

Kids: Gotta love the kids and all the art they draw, but not on the walls. Leave that to hang up on the refrigerator.

Lighting: This is more for rooms that tend to get a good amount of sunlight, as the sun can cause paints to fade faster. Which majority of the sunlight comes through the kitchen and living areas.

#Trending: This is VERY COMMON, keeping up with the trends can be another reason for a home to be painted often. At first, it was the tans, then the grays and NOW everyone wants a shade of white in their home. Trends change more often than you can finish painting a home, this is a strong reason why homes tend to be painted more often.

Exterior Wood/Siding: Different types of wood used on your home or siding on your home can give different life spans of the paint. This is why when hiring a painting contractor, a good question to ask is what type of paint is being used to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Extra Facts...

They now make certain paints that are "scuff-resistant", this is something to look into for your next painting project. Also, this would be good to discuss with your painting contractor if they can provide that paint. This will allow the long lasting finish that you expect.

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