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Painter's Tape Tips And Trick To Help You Get The Best Paint Job

Use These Helpful Tips And Trick While Painting Your Home in Austin, Round Rock and surrounding areas.

Painter's tape tips and tricks include using different type of tapes for the inside and outside.

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10 Painter's Tape Tips And Tricks

  • Use tape and drape (plastic) for doors and windows

  • Painter's tape come in different colors for different uses and adhesions

  • To project baseboards, peel off the tape and stick it to the top of the baseboard

  • Run a spackle knife across the the tape on top of the baseboard for a good seal

  • Don't let the tape sit on your wall for more than a few hours after finishing

  • Peel painter's tape off as slowly and smooth as you can

  • You can use painter's tape to create line and unique designs on walls

  • Green Painter's Tape (Frog Tape) makes sure no paint bleeds under the tape

  • Yellow painter's tape is great for delicate surfaces like freshly painted surfaces and flooring

  • Orange painter's tape is ideal for rough surfaces

If the seal is not tight the paint can get under the tape and ruin the paint job on the baseboards or trim.

Not removing the painters tape within a few hours can be bad news. The paint gets under the tape and dries, creating a difficult cleaning situation as you wrap up.

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