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Interior Painting Prices In Austin | How Much Does It Cost To Paint My Master Bedroom

Updated: Apr 10

This would be the Cost To Paint Your Master Bedroom in Austin

Finding out the cost of a service is important, good thing you came here to check it out.

The Cost to Paint a Master Bedroom

The cost to paint a Master Bedroom can range from $675-$1,900. This cost includes applying Two Coats (always Two Coats) of Paint to the walls in your Master Bedroom. This also includes the Armor Paint Company Team of Painters doing the job for you. Of course the cost varies depending on size, any repairs and if they're multiple colors.

  • Small Master Bedroom cost between $675-$1,200

  • Average Master Bedroom cost between $900-$1,500

  • Large Master Bedrooms cost between $1,200-$1,900

Factors That Effect The Cost To Paint Your Master Bedroom

Size: This can play a huge factor as larger master bedrooms tend to take more time and use more paint. As for smaller master bedrooms, they tend to use less paint and take less time.

Repairs: This is something we assess while on the job, if additional work needs to be done you will be notified. It is best to take care of it while we are are there, holding off any repairs could lead to higher cost for repair later on down the road.

Multiple Colors: Painting with all the same colors makes things easier and less time (less labor cost) but also adding accent walls or using various colors will add to the time this project can be completed.

Additional Facts:

Using High Quality paint can last longer than Low Quality paint, that would keep your cost down in the future as you will not have to repaint as soon.

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