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Thinking About White Kitchen Cabinets? What Is The Right Choice?

If you’re considering investing or recreating your dream kitchen, you may think you need to go above and beyond with precious countertops, beautiful backsplashes and unique color schemes sure to wow your guests. However, the sleek look of white kitchen cabinets has ever been for contemporary-style minimalists alone.

Whether you’re leaning more toward a traditional or modern feel, we at Armor Paint & Home Renovations we will help you find a classic white kitchen that will always be up to date.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re one for an all-white look, a contemporary kitchen may be the way to go. It offers narrow kitchens visual breathing room, it creates a larger kitchen experience. Larger kitchens get a touch of elegance and grace, and darker rooms with few windows receive a splash of welcome brightness.

Paint your white kitchen cabinets to match your backsplash or countertop, depending on your preference. For a clean, classic white, we at Armor Paint & Home Renovations offer Simply White by Benjamin Moore. We also have warm and cool shades of off-white to help bring forth your new kitchen goals.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Two-tone kitchen layout takes the kitchen up a notch. Rather than having a tiny splash of earth tones to accent your kitchen design, two-tone kitchens use heavy contrasts of dark and light to create a modern look.

It creates a pleasing aesthetics by grounding the cooking area (if you choose for dark lower cabinets). In contrast, the light tile backsplash and floating white kitchen cabinets create a open area that balances the lower design.

Some homeowners use a darker color solely on kitchen island cabinets to make the center of their kitchen pop against surrounding white cabinets along the kitchen’s circumference.

Five Star Kitchen Cabinet Painters in Round Rock, Austin and Georgetown

Are you ready to go over your options in further detail? At Armor Paint & Home Renovations, we believe in offering the best white kitchen cabinets that’ll keep up with the trends without gutting your existing cabinets. We do so by prepping, priming, and painting your cabinets as you deem fit, matching them with the mood of the rest of your kitchen.

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