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Paint Sheens And Where They Work Best In Your Home

Find Out What Sheen Of Paint Works Best Where In Your Austin Home.

The wrong paint sheen can make life difficult. Learning the differences and where the best work will help keep your home looking good for longer.

Paint Sheens And Where They Work Best In Your Home

Paint Sheen Differences

The difference in paint sheens is mostly shininess and durability. Higher sheen paints reflect more light, are easy to clean, and are more resistant to water. But the downside is the shinier ones also show wall imperfections and are typically more expensive to use. Different sheens work best in different areas of your home.

So what sheens are there and what works best in your home?

5 Types of Paint Sheens And Where They Work Best

  • Matte/Flat: this works best in low traffic areas like home offices or bedrooms where adults live and won't write on the wall.

  • Eggshell: works well for dining and living rooms (most popular sheen)

  • Satin: idea for high traffic areas like hallways and family rooms

  • Semi-gloss: this is found in kitchens and bathrooms, also used for doors and baseboard/crown molding

  • High gloss: This is for anything that isn't a wall

Matte/Flat sheens aren't shiny, this makes them great for hiding imperfections. The problem with this sheen is it's hard to clean without possibly rubbing off or damaging the paint.

Eggshell sheens is named after chicken eggs. It is a little flat with a little shine to it, just like an eggshell. It hides imperfections and is easier to clean than matte/flat.

Satin sheens have a decent shine to them, it's easy to clean but roller and brush strokes show up easier. WE USE THIS ON CABINETS.

Semi-gloss sheens are super durable. This is why we like using them in the kitchen and bathrooms, and also on the doors and baseboards. Easy to clean and gives a nice shine to those areas.

High Gloss paints... don't look good on walls. This sheen shows EVERY IMPERFECTION.

Next Step To Decide Paint Sheen?

Now it is time to decide your sheen, you have read through this, talking to your local paint supplier and you're still up in the air. The best thing to do is get some samples, and apply them throughout the home. Take a look at it throughout the day to see how the lighting makes the paint look. This will help pick your color and what sheen works BEST FOR YOU.

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