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Paint Walk with Armor - #1

We are starting a NEW SERIES of our painting company in Austin, Texas. We paint interior and exterior residential homes in Austin and surrounding areas.

Join us EVERY THURSDAY for our job walkthrough.

Welcome! For this week's job, we will begin in Pflugerville, Texas. Grab your drink of choice and join us...This area is close to our home base and we stay pretty active out in this area.

This client is a previous one of ours, as we are sure you know most of our business is return clients. We stay in touch with you from the initial estimate process until your little one's graduate college 😉.

This home already had white ceilings so we did not have to touch that, but what they did have is that old nasty beige colors that builders just throw on the walls. If you look up and that beige color is what you see, just go ahead and click the link to get us scheduled to paint your home.

Okay, back home. During the initial walkthrough, we planned on painting the doors and baseboards to an EXTRA WHITE to give the home a modern look. This client had other ideas in mind AND they were amazing! She had this image in her mind and had 3-4 colors that she wanted for her doors. We went back and forth with some ideas, at Armor Paint Company we love to do samples to ensure the decision you want is the correct one.

So as you can see the doors are white trim and a darker shade of green, we knew it would look good but we did not know it was going to look this good!

Now KITCHEN CABINETS, she was tired of the cream color and thought about just going all white with them to match the trim BUT we had the idea of matching the lower cabinets with the doors within the home. We gave her a few days to decide and she said: "let's do it!". This was definitely one of our biggest transformations within the kitchen. This look is clean, modern, and smooth look. When it comes to painting cabinets a darker color, you have to make sure it is done correctly. Any small imperfection will show. When it comes to cabinets we have our unique process and everything is sprayed with our high-quality paint spray guns.

The walls within your home are what catch your friend's attention when they walk in, they can also either make your home look smaller than what it is or more wide open than what it is. Your walls also change moods depending on the colors you choose. So that beige wall you're looking at right now has to be upsetting you, just kidding. There is a story we read a while back that The University of Iowa football team has the visitor's locker room painted pink, the color pink tends to be a calming color and they have it that way to potentially calm down their opponent. Believe it or not, choosing your color is "science".

With these walls, it was the same thing. She had multiple color ideas, we of course did our usual of placing samples throughout the home to ensure it is the color for her. Any time we paint a home, we always put Two colors to have proper coverage throughout and it gives the home a nice finish. This is what we did here and with all the colors she chose, it came out flawless.

The moral of the story, our client needs to have their own color consultation firm 🤣.

Thank you for joining us this week on our first Walkthrough with Armor, stay tuned for more EVERY FRIDAY.

If you have any questions regarding painting your home, if you need assistance with what tools to use, what type of paint to buy or if you just want to have us out there for a quote. Please feel free to reach out to us.

God Bless.

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