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The 3 Reasons To Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Apr 27

Find Out Why People In Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and Surrounding Areas Are Refinishing Their Kitchen Cabinets.

You’ll want to refinish your kitchen cabinets if they look outdated, you want to keep up with trends, and you want to protect your cabinets

What is Refinishing Cabinets?

Cabinet Refinishing typically means working with your existing cabinets doors and drawers. This means you will be stripping off the existing paint and stain to something you can start fresh with. This removal process normally consists of chemical remover and a good amount of sanding.

Why People Refinish Their Kitchen Cabinets

1. To update the look

Most people refinish kitchen cabinets because they are tired of the old stain look or the existing color on them.

Many Kitchens in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Surrounding Areas are oak-style cabinets with a dark stain. It is dark, and also has a heavy look. It makes the kitchen seem smaller than it is. People want something brighter, fresher, and more modern. This is why people are painting their cabinets to update them.

2. To Keep Up With The Trends

Painted kitchen cabinets are the current trend. Refinishing kitchen cabinets to keep up with the trends is great if you're trying to sell your house. The cost of painting your kitchen cabinets can be far less than replacing them.

3. To upgrade for protection

Newly created paint finishes help protect your kitchen cabinets from scratches and other damages. Newer, high-quality paint and finishes tend to be better than the older ones.

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