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How To Spot A Bad Paint Contractor

Bad Paint Contractors Don't Know Good Business

Bad Paint Contractors In Austin And Surrounding Areas Are Difficult

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on with your project. Especially when it involves your money, your time and your home. Hiring a bad paint contractor or any bad contractor to paint your house is like asking a sloth to win a race. They're slow and don't tell you their plan to complete this project.

This is where Google becomes your best friend

Use Google to stalk that painting contractor like a crazy ex would. You have heard stories about what happens when a bad paint contractor is hired. Jobs taking longer than expected when it should have been a few days, no communication and the job is left halfway done. Or even worse, you paid a deposit and never heard from them again.

You can avoid being the main in a bad paint contractor story.

How to avoid being in a bad paint contractor story

Lack of clear contact

  • If you can't tell what a contract is saying, don't agree to it

  • Contracts should be clearly defined and have a written stop of work that everyone understands. The contract is what holds the paint contractor accountable.

  • If something seems odd about it, then ask about it. If you don't like or understand the terms then find another paint contractor

Vague Payment Terms

  • Money is the most important part here, so make sure to set clear goals for when it comes time to spend it. You will be able to tell if a paint contractor is shady if they ask for weekly payments and cash payments.

  • Remember to follow the contract, don't pay earlier than what was set up in the contract.

  • Most reputable paint contractors will ask for a down payment, so don't be surprise if they ask for one. The common asking price is for a 50% deposit with the rest due upon completion.

  • If you don't understand it, DON'T AGREE TO IT!

Poor Communication

  • Treat a Paint Contractor like a relationship, well when it comes to communication. If they don't work won't talk to you, you need to talk to them.

  • If you can't reach them, then it may be time to end the relationship with them before you get too deep.

Want To Work With A Good Paint Contractor?

Now that you know what to look for, you can save your time, your money and your house with a bad paint contractor. Working with a paint contractor shouldn't be a hassle. It can be easy, smooth and simple process, as long as you take care to hire the right one.

Finding a reliable and honest paint contractor can be a need in a haystack. If you want to avoid a bad paint contract, fill out our contact form or call us at 512-710-8742 to schedule your free consultation.

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