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Why Is Painting A House So Expensive In Austin?

Updated: May 12

Getting Your House Painting Correctly In Austin and Surrounding Areas Can Be Expensive

An Open Letter From Emmanuel Esquivel, Owner Of Armor Paint Company

It is not uncommon when we witness jaw drops or people in sticker shock over the price of getting their house painted. So that begs the question:

Why is it so damn expensive to get your house painted these days?

I will start by saying, it is really easy to find a cheap house painter. I know a few and can recommend them to you if that is what you are looking for. Just fire up google and you will find an endless supply of contractors with one click. If you want to save a lot of money swing over to the local hardware store and pick up some day laborers. Both of these options will save you money at the expense of your time to arrange and manage a project.

If you are a DIYer and just want some extra helping hands, this may be an option for you, or call up your in-laws to assist. They may owe you something and now it is their time to pay back.

For me, if I want to install a new light fixture in my kitchen, I'm not in the market of learning how to rewire my home so that way I can add some light in the kitchen. Imagine the scene from Armageddon where they have to disable the nuke, the actor was sweating, shaking, and he cut the correct wire. If that was me? I would most likely cut the wrong wire.

So for this, I am going to hire a professional who puts the food on the table by doing this exact service.

The Top 4 Factors That Drive The Cost Of A Professional Paint Job:

Great Paint Jobs And Cheap Paint Jobs Are Exclusive of Each other

Like the technology company Apple, our services are designed to provide top-quality results that have an enduring quality. This takes skill (years and years of hands-on experience) and a proper amount of time. If you are seeking a top-quality paint job or anything with the long term value, it is going to cost more money.

Honest & Transparent Quotes

Most people don't like to be surprised with additional costs during a project, I know I don't.

Our approach to quoting your project is to be exceptionally thorough in both determining what your expectations are and ensuring that the quoted price will allow them to be achieved.

How Is This Different Than The Norm?

Many contractors get in the door with low pricing and then hit you with additional costs for items/tasks that you thought were included. While we may seem more expensive on the front end, our costs are often similar to the high-quality companies once the dust has settled.

Plus, this way you will learn what you will be spending from the beginning to the end, compared to learning as you go!

We Stand Behind Our Work

Typical paint companies' warranty last until the van is out of the driveway. What happens if you have an issue once they are gone? The company or person seems to fall off the edge of the earth and you never hear from them again.

Our standard 3-year warranty on labor will help take care of this issue for you.

Where To Go From Here

We can't decide for you. The only thing we wish we were able to do is show you the final product and final price tag on each contractor's painting job.

If you'd like to talk about your upcoming project, please feel free to reach out to us.


Emmanuel Esquivel

Armor Paint Company

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